COMP2521 19T0 Data Structures and Algorithms

COMP2521 19T0
Data Structures and Algorithms

Summer Semester, 2019
6 UoC — UG

Course Staff

Dr John Shepherd
  • Jashank Jeremy
Teaching Staff
  • Sim Mautner
  • Hayden Smith
  • Clifford Sesel
  • Deepanjan Chakrabarty
  • Olga Popovic
  • Elizabeth Willer
  • Gal Aharon
  • Kristian Nolev

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international business strategy

Assignment Number and Weighting Coursework 2


Anonymous marking Yes
Submission Date and Time See Moodle su Expected return of feedback and marked work 2 Weeks after the submission date
Assessment is made up of multiple submissions No Details of multiple item in submission if relevant
Item  Title Weighting Item
Report 60% Due date Week 11 Monday – 17th December 2018


Electronically via Moodle (Turnitin) ONLY Word Count 2,500
Assignment Title Evaluating Internationalization  Strategy  Management Brief
Assessment Learning Outcomes




This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:


·       Integrate and apply strategic approaches to practical situations in various types of organisations

·       Assess current developments in the organisational environment and alternative responses related to strategy

·       Resolve management problems in the area of strategic management by evaluating alternative outcomes

·       Demonstrate the ability to construct and present quantitative and qualitative data effectively by the application of IT skills and methodological techniques


Management Brief:

Due to Brexit coming soon, your company is facing uncertainties within UK market and you have been hired as a business consultant to prepare a report for the BoD’s.

Your first task is to prepare a management brief on behalf of the organisation to the BoD’s, as they wish to expand into international arena.  You will need to include followings into your management report:

·       You are to select a product/service of your choice which originates from UK.

·       You will need to give SWOT/TOWS analysis on the organisation.

·       You will need to suggest TWO international markets you may enter. However, you will only select ONE. It will be your discretion which international market you wish to tap into.

·       Full analysis on the macro environment of the selected country should be included.  You will need to explain if you wish to enter international market via joint venture, merger, acquisition, FDI etc.

·       A detailed theoretical framework highlighting various models/theories (such as Porter’s Diamond, Ansoff Matrix, BCG Model etc) to be addressed in the management report. This doesn’t bound you to only include taught models/ theories in the module.

·       Practical and logical challenges faced by the organisation in an international market must be addressed.

·       Research supported by secondary sources must be present within the management brief.

·       You need to ensure that you include in-text referencing within the report.

·       A separate bibliography page needs to be included with 1.5 spacing throughout the report.

·       You also need to pay attention to the structure of the report and it should include headings and sub-headings.

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M115LON Strategic Management Assignment Brief

M115LON Assessment


[NOTE: It is important that you read and re-read this document throughout this term of study]


The purpose of assessment (assignments, examinations, debates, reports and other methods) is to assess your level of knowledge and understanding of a particular subject area. Additionally, it assess, amongst others things, your cognitive skill sets. Read More

Summative Project (Part 2): Teacher Inquiry 2018—EDUF 2007


Summative Project (Part 2): Teacher Inquiry 2018—EDUF 2007

A crucial component of meaningfully understanding and addressing educational problems is our ability to critically examine research. The process of reviewing literature allows us to think through what research has been done in a field so far, and what might be missing. Equally, it can help us recognise the predominant ways that research problems are framed and how these frames might have limitations. Overall, literature reviews demonstrate to the reader that you have a breadth and depth of understanding and critical engagement with your chosen area of inquiry. Read More

ENGG1811 Lab 13: Programming Practice

ENGG1811 Lab 13: Programming Practice


You will be working on some Python programming questions to give you some practice for the exam.

Note that the same set of questions will be used for all the lab session this week. If you seriously want to check how you are doing, then you should not ask your classmates, who have attended an earlier lab, what the questions are.

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MN5333 30% Assignment

Read the two articles provided and answer both questions separately in maximum 2000 words (excluding references).

Q1. What are the key challenges Apple is facing, both in terms of the macro-environment and industry competition? (40%)

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COMP2521: Assignment 2 Simple Search Engines

COMP2521: Assignment 2
Simple Search Engines


Change log:
  • [04:35pm 23/Oct] : Instructions on how to submit the assignment are now available, see “Submission”.
  • [01:50pm 23/Oct] : Just a reminder, as mentioned in the lecture and in the hints, you need to use BST to implement your inverted index in 1B. See hints on “How to Implement Ass2 (Part-1)” , as discussed in the lecture.
  • [01:50pm 23/Oct] : In 1C, as per the specs you need to “find page with one or more search terms and outputs (to stdout) top 30 pages in descending order of number of search terms found and then within each group, descending order of Weighted PageRank. The example for 1C is now appended to match with the sample data in 1B, to make it easy to understand.
  • [02:40pm 11/Oct] : Due date is changeed to “11:59:00 pm Thursday Week-13”, as discussed in the lecture.
  • [08:00am 11/Oct] : In 1.B, for the expected output, earlier “url101 was at the end (incorrectly), revised to ” mars url101 url25 url31 “
  • [08:00am 11/Oct] : In the 1.A algorithm, “iteration++;” is moved to the end of the loop body to improve readability


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ICT285 Databases S2 2018 Assignment 2

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ICT285 Databases
S2 2018
Assignment 2
Worth: 20% of your final grade.
Due: Wednesday 31 October 2018 11:55PM
**note this is a short extension to the date in the Unit Information Guide**
Submit to: LMS, via the Assignments tool. Submit Parts 1 and 2, Part 3 sample data and Part 4 CREATE VIEW statements as a SINGLE Word document. Parts 3 and 4 should be completed in Oracle on arion. Ensure you complete the declaration that is part of the submission process. You do not need to include a separate cover sheet but you should include your name and student number as part of your document filename. Your name and student number should also be included within in the assignment document. Read More


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