ACADEMIC PLAGIARISM? How much is it allowed?

When you ask your tutor how much plagiarism is allowed in your paper,The answer is Zero. In the academic environment, PLAGIARISM is not allowed even a little. It is very important that your paper or assignment should no plagiarism allowed. How to avoid the plagiarism?

One way of committing plagiarism might be when students copy material or use slightly different words from the original paper directly from a journal or book and don’t include any references. It is a bad behavior which will lead your paper cannot pass.

To avoid deception, you should indicate the primary source of your material by putting in a reference. The exception might be when it is common knowledge. A safe way of composing a paper is to come up with your own thoughts after reading someone’s literary work, or paraphrase all sentences from the sources you have scanned. If you admire the way an author expressed his/her opinion about a certain thing, you can add the statement in your paper as well, just do not forget to cite the source and mention the author. Where you use the exact phrases of another writer, present it in quotation marks and add an author, you may find the processor to help your reduce your plagiarism situation .

Most educational institutions (college or university) have established their own policy on what percentage of plagiarism is acceptable and detect how much of the stolen information is presented with the help of specially developed plagiarism checking tool.

It is not allowed to rewrite an original text with minimal reordering of words, some deletions and several synonyms without reference to the authentic source in your academic writings. It will be counted as a fraud by your professor. Your rates depend on how much personal work you have involved.





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