COMP9321‐ Assignment 2 Marking Scheme


Student Name/Id: Examiner: Total: 10 Marks
Submission Y N
Is this late submission? (if ‘yes’, 20% (per day late) penalty off the final mark you receive)
Functionalities 9.5 Mark A B C D
 (3.5 marks) All required HTTP methods on the resources are designed and
implemented as expected
o (0.5 mark) Creating a data entry using (lgaName and postcode)
The resource location (URI) should be returned as a response
o (0.5 mark) Deleting a data entry with the data service by resource ID
o (0.5 mark) Retrieving the available collection with the data service by
resource ID
o (2 mark) Retrieving data entries with filter (based on the BNF)
 (2 marks) System automatically download the EXCEL file, parse it, and store it
(either in MongoDB or file system)
 (2 marks) A python client script/ JavaScript based client is provided, and all API
calls can be tested using this client. The file must also contain enough comments
to help tutors evaluate the project.
 (1 mark) All methods are authorized (admin can send all kinds of requests, but
guest is limited to only GET requests)
 (1 mark) APIs return appropriate messages when it faces errors like inappropriate
inputs, missing required parameters, or when it faces any exceptions
API implementation (Non Functional Aspects of your Solution): 0.5 Mark A B C D
 (0.5 mark) Did the submission run without any problem?
Total Mark: /10
A: The outcome is of high quality and no errors B: the outcome is of average quality with a few
minor errors or one major error C: the outcome is poor D: not implemented, or does not run –
not being able to assess






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