The pattern detection problem

In this assignment, your goal is to write a python program to determine whether a given pattern appears in a data series, and if so, where it is located in the data series. This type of problems is very common in many disciplines, including computer science, engineering, medicine and science. There are many different types of pattern detection problems, the setting of this assignment is similar to that used in radars.  A radar transmits a pulse of a specific shape and waits for a pulse of similar shape to return, in order to determine the position of an object. The method described below is known as matched filtering and is widely used in communication systems. This means your mobile phones perform the same type of calculations that you will be programming below!

Learning objectives

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It is very necessary for every business man to write emails in daily work, because of the new tech, the communications in Office is very convenient. The importance of this issue is not only stuck on having the ability to write brochures, but it also focuses on finding how to make it in an effective way to take a company to success. It might seem simple, but worldwide this form of communication is used more regularly than it is believed. That’s why every person who is trying to start a business or make it grow, always tries to make contact with the majority of partners possible. And to achieve this goal, the content of the messages has to be well-explained and take some requirements in count not to be ignored. Even having a business email account, it doesn’t mean that every message is going to be read and answered.


What is business email writing?

This is just a method that it is used specifically for business communication that represents an important tool for every company. It helps to establish relationships with partners, sponsors, colleagues, and others. It is written with a high level of grammar and a formal language. They are usually composed by the name of the company in the address (name@companyname.com). Also they are a big and simple contribution to the advertising. How is this possible? It is because as the name of the company is included in the address, people will be able to see where the message comes from, they will immediately recognize that is from a company and will give it a chance. It doesn’t matter if the recipient doesn’t know the name; it will take into consideration that comes from a company and might be interested in reading the information that comes in it. Of course, to get this opportunity it is important to try to get the best business email, which should be attractive and representative.

For the best email writing it is crucial to know exactly the objective of the message that you want to send. Fortunately, there are structures that can be followed by everyone who wants to start to write a business email on their own.

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现代计算机学科多有交叉渗透,很少有学校单一地提供诸如硬件专业,澳洲大学将计算机方向与其他学科穿插,这也是魅力所在。 Read More



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