Assessment Item 2 Company Report

Assessment Item 2 Company Report

ASX Listing Rule 4.10.3 requires the annual report of a listed entity to set out the extent to which it complies with the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (these can be found here: complete.pdf)

Task 1

Choose three listed company annual reports which may be found by looking at the websites of companies. Compare the corporate governance statements contained in the annual reports that you have chosen with regard to the following matters:

  1. Amount of detail contained;
  2. Board composition;
  3. Responsibilities and functions of the Board;
  4. Board remuneration;
  5. Types of committees and their responsibilities; and
  6. Any matter that is addressed in one annual report that is not mentioned in the

Task 2

State the extent to which each company complies with the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations with regard to Points 2-6 (inclusive) above and if they do not what is required for them or each of them to so comply.



Report format to be adopted.


See page 16 of the Unit Outline.

Word Length

2,500 words total. References (in text or footnote, and the Reference List) will not form part of the word count but quotations from external sources will.

BFA213 Corporate Regulation and Accountability 3

Assessment Rubric

This has been placed on MyLO.


Assignments must be submitted electronically through the relevant assignment drop box in MyLO by 11:59 p.m. AEST on Thursday 10th May 2018. You must ensure that your name, student ID, unit code, tutorial time and tutor’s name (if applicable) are clearly marked on the first page. If this information is missing, the assignment will not be accepted and, therefore, will not be marked.

Please remember that you are responsible for lodging your assessment items on or before the due date and time. We suggest you keep a copy. Even in a perfect system, items sometimes go astray.

The Assignment must be submitted as a Word document, single file.

Late Assessment and Extensions

See Page 15 of the Unit Outline



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