25556 The Financial System Autumn 2018 Group Assignment

25556 The Financial System

Autumn 2018

Group Assignment


Your assignment is to produce an article, with your group, on a topic determined by your tutor and that has been identified as being an important issue in the Australian financial system. The same topic will be attempted by all groups formed from students within the tutorial class and the same topic will be tackled by more than one class.


Due date: Monday 21st May, 2018 by 5pm.



Assignment requirements:


  1. Groups of up to four or five students should be formed from within the same tutorial class. You should finalise your group members and inform your tutor of your group members by Monday 16th April 2018. If you have not formed a group by this date your tutor will put you in a group with other ungrouped tutorial members, in which case the group size may possibly be less than four.


  1. Word limit ‐ The maximum number of words for the assignment is 2000 words. This includes words used in footnotes/endnotes, on graphs or in tables but not in the reference list. Material cannot be included in appendices. Further, your assignment should be printed single‐sided on A4 paper with 12‐pont font and 1.5 line spacing.


  1. Layout – Your article should be modelled on the layout used by the Reserve Bank of Australia in its Bulletin publications. The key features of this are:
  • Inclusion of an executive summary;
  • Use of headings throughout – including an introduction and conclusion;
  • In‐text referencing of sources throughout using footnotes (though in-text referencing using the UTS/Harvard method is also acceptable);
  • Graphs and tables (if you choose to use these) included in body of the text; and
  • A bibliography (or list of references).


  1. The 2-page Assignment cover sheet must be attached to the front of each assignment. Each group member must sign a statement that the assignment has not been plagiarized.


  1. The assignment must be submitted in your tutorial on Thursday 17 May or Friday 18 May or in the box marked “Finance 3” in the student lounge on level 5 in Building 8 (in front of the blue pods) by 5pm on Monday 21 May, 2018. Late submissions will attract a penalty of 1 mark per day – for example an assignment submitted on Tuesday 22 May will be penalized 1 mark, an assignment submitted on Wednesday 23 May will be penalized 2 marks etc.


  1. Your reference list (bibliography) must be included in the assignment with references listed in alphabetical order of the first author’s surnames. For details on referencing you can use the Faculty of Business (2014) Guide to Writing Assignments which can be downloaded from the following link: http://www.uts.edu.au/sites/default/files/business‐writing‐guide‐2014.pdf.


  1. Your assignment must also be submitted through UTSOnline via the Assignment facility by 5pm on Monday 21 May, 2018. This submission goes through to Turnitin, a plagiarism detection software package. Please note that each group is required to submit your assignment once only to Turnitin.


  1. Each group member is also required to perform a self and peer assessment using SPARK (Self and Peer Assessment Resource Kit). This must be completed during the period from Tuesday 22 May until Tuesday 29 May, 2018.


SPARK promotes equitable participation in group tasks. It helps students recognise their choices about how they participate in groups and can be very effective in promoting more equitable and thoughtful participation in group tasks. SPARK requires that group members rate each other in terms of performance against criteria and to provide anonymous written feedback on their peers’ contributions on team tasks or individual submissions. SPARK helps address common complaints in group work including equal marks for unequal contributions, ‘free-­riders’ known also as ‘social loafers’ and ‘passengers’ not getting penalized and better students inadequately rewarded and demotivated because they feel their efforts are ‘carrying’ the team.


Assignment marks will not be released until all group members have completed the SPARK assessment. Information collected through SPARK may be used as the basis to adjust an individual’s assignment result. For example, a student who does not attend group meetings and who made no contribution to the assignment should expect to receive a mark of zero regardless of the group assignment mark achieved.

Assignment Cover Sheet (1) – please attach to your assignment

25556 The Financial System Autumn 2018


Macroprudential Policy


Background: Macroprudential policy aims to promote financial system stability.  Prudential supervisors and central banks in various countries have made concerted efforts towards implementing such policies.  In Australia, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) are both engaged in this task.

Your group is to write a Report to help the financial regulators understand the merits (or otherwise) of ‘macro-prudential policy’ and any difficulties they could encounter in implementation.  Your group will need to consider the issues and submit a Report that:

  • Clearly explain what is meant by stability in the financial system and how stability might be compromised;
  • Identify (and briefly discuss) the range of policy tools (MPTs) financial regulators may call upon to design a framework to implement macroprudential policies;
  • Discuss various desirable institutional arrangements within a financial system that need to be in place to ensure effective implementation of such policies;
  • Analyse potential difficulties that may exist to prevent the implementation of the policies, or to render such policies less successful in achieving their aims after implementation.

Your Report will also need to describe the experience of countries that have implemented macroprudential policies, (or aim to do so ‘soon’).

We acknowledge that we understand what plagiarism means (that is, the submission of an assignment by a student/s who has copied all or some materials from another student’s work or from any other source). Consequently, I certify that we wrote this assignment ourselves and have not copied material written by someone else.


Student name Student number Signature

Assignment Cover Sheet (2) – please attach to your assignment

25556 The Financial System Autumn 2018


Marking distribution 





65 -74%


75- 84%



The primary concerns leading to increased regulation (4 marks).
The changes in regulation (2 marks).


The impact of the regulations (4 marks).


Opinion on current state of this regulation (2 marks).


Article structure (including executive summary, introduction, conclusion), grammar and referencing (3 marks)
Executive summary          
Spelling and grammar          
TOTAL MARK (Out of 15)
Evidence of plagiarism found in written reflection by this marker. None Moderate amount Significant amount





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