UNSW 1000 Design Final report

Final report

Executive Summary (½ page)

  • Summarise outcome of the project
  • Advantages/limitations of the design
  • Reasoning behind design choices (broadly)
  • How the project performed
  • Recommendations for the next prototype

Introduction (1 page)

  • Background of problem
  • State the problem to be solved, explain purpose/significance
  • Summarise problem definition
  • Key problems with specification, formulation of design, development of design

Final Design and Implementation (5-6 pages)

  • Main details of final design
  • Quantities, in correct units!
  • Explain/show how each mechanical part is constructed
  • Circuit diagrams
  • How was the design prototyped
  • Problems that were overcome
  • Describe how the design evolved
  • Explain decisions!
  • Total cost
  • Comment on ease / cost of manufacture

Analysis of Final Testing Results (2-3 pages)

  • State the final results
  • Picture of the device
  • How each aspect of the design contributed to the final result
  • Reasons for the team’s results
  • Compare earlier design decisions with the final outcome
  • What was learned from the compliance testing in week 9
  • Limitations of the device that were not originally obvious

Conclusions & Recommendations (1 page)

  • Summarise the final design
  • How successfully did this address the design problem
  • Highlight significant aspects/innovations in the design that contributed to the result
  • Summarise the outcomes of the design project (what did we learn)
  • Recommendations for improvements to the design

Suggested Delegation:

Louisa: Executive Summary, introduction, conclusion, recommendations (2.5 pages)

Harvey: Final Design/Implementation: how each part was constructed/put together; accurate diagrams/listing of materials (2 pages)

Wilson: Final Design/Implementation: circuit diagrams + programming; problems that were overcome (2 pages)

Hermes: Final Design/Implementation: Explain decisions made, total cost, ease/cost of manufacture (2 pages)

Leo: Analysis of final testing results: statement of results, how each aspect of design contributed, reasons for the team’s result (1.5-2 pages)

Tina: Analysis of final results: comparison of original with final design, what was learned during testing, limitations that were not originally obvious (1.5-2 pages)

Recommendations/References/Formatting appendices

References (1 page) – need some references!! We get marked down if there aren’t enough references (dw I got this ~Harvey)

Assuming max number of pages written, there are 4 pages for appendices (20 page limit)

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