BCO6604— Customer Relationship Management Semester 2 2017 Presentation (20% of assessment) & Research Paper (25% of assessment) This is a group assignment that will involve 3 TO 4 students. Each group need to select ONE Victoria University

BCO6604— Customer Relationship Management
Semester 2 2017
Presentation (20% of assessment) &
Research Paper (25% of assessment)
This is a group assignment that will involve 3 TO 4 students. Each group need to select ONE
topic from the list below:
• Emerging Trends in CRM: Implementation Strategies, Challenges, issues and benefits
• Salesforce Automation (SFA) ecosystem, functionalities, challenges and benefits of
adaption of SFA
• CRM Data and IT – Analytical CRM and Intelligent Mining for marketing – review of
concepts, implementation, benefits and challenges.
Your task is to write a paper that examines the aspects of customer relationship management
regarding the topic selected by your group.
Students are encouraged to relate the topic area to their workplace and include a real-world
case example as a component of their final presentation. Topics that are based on a workplace
scenario typically provided the foundations of high quality projects. International students
have in the past selected topics that have been related to their country of origin and/or
previous work experience.
The topic chosen will form the basis of a professionally written paper and presentation.
NOTE: You must apply for approval for your topic in the class or by e-mailing your
workshop leader. DO NOT commence work on this assessment task until you receive
approval by return e-mail from your workshop leader. Topics will be allocated on a firstcome,
first-served basis in the week nominated. Your workshop leader will provide further
The Research Paper
You are to prepare a research paper that briefly outline the relevant and up-to-date issues
associated with your chosen CRM topic. The paper will contribute up to 25% towards the
final assessment and should be between 3000 – 4000 words in length. Papers that are outside
the suggested word length will receive a severe penalty mark.
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BCO6604 Customer Relationship Management
It is important that the points you discuss in this paper are properly referenced. You should
consult a broad set of references from a suitable source that include books, journals,
magazines, newspaper articles, websites and so forth. The paper should cite at least ten
journal articles and Harvard referencing should be used. If your topic has similar content as
has been referred to in lectures, make sure that the same material is not covered in your paper
or presentation. Given that this will be a current issues paper— references should be not
older than 5 years.
The paper must be concise. The paper should be of a professional standard and needs to
include documentation features such as appropriate & consistent size font, title page, headers/
footers, page numbering and proper labelling of any tables or figures. The paper should
include the following sections:
¨ Abstract or Executive Summary (not part of word count)
¨ Introduction— this section will give a brief overview of the paper’s content.
¨ Brief analysis or literature review of your topic area— this section should address issues
associated with strategy, benefits, challenges and technology needs.
The paper must include industry examples to support the four areas which need to be
selectively referred to in the main paper. Direct quotes from the literature or case study
should not be overly used and need to be minimal— direct quotes are not considered as
part of the overall word count.
The purpose of including the industry examples is to allow brief examples to be
analysed applying the concepts learned in the class and matched to the literature in
the main body of the paper.
¨ Conclusion (place the paper’s word count at the end of the conclusion)
¨ References (not part of the total word count).
¨ Appendix should be a short section containing a one paragraph summary of the topic
relevant industry examples used in the paper (not part of the total word count). Please
indicate the source of the industry examples. Sources of your industry examples can be
based on industry solutions providers (eg Sap, IBM etc), consultant reports or white
papers (eg Gartner, PwC etc), journal article cases studies and so forth.
¨ The research paper must be submitted to Turnitin via the Assessment Dropbox
navigation area of Collaborate by one member of the group. The similarity check must be
less than 10%.
¨ A Turnitin summary (print-screen shot) should be placed at the end of the appendix.
NOTE: Allow up to 24 hours for Turnitin report generation- DO NOT leave this check until
the day before the paper is due. It is advisable to submit the draft of the report at least 3 or
more days before the due date to allow updates to reduce similarity, if required.
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BCO6604 Customer Relationship Management




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