Platform as a Service Report Part 1 The best choice for each of the example scenarios

Platform as a Service Report


Part 1 The best choice for each of the example scenarios


Video Library

If you are going to deploy an online video Library, it is wise for you to choose Azure to achieve it. The reasons  are as follows:

Firstly, Windows Azure platform has the ability to provide large scalable services, and support global business deployment and contents acceleration through the eight data centres and 24 CDN node.

Secondly , by use of Windows Azure platform, the specialist video library company mentioned can easily cut down on storage investment and data transfer cost.Therefore the company can take quicker action in global market and achieve commercial edges. Although

Less investment is needed , the quality of the company’s video library service is improved.

Once the video library is built on Windows Azure platform, the users or audience can access whatever they want in the video library anywhere, anytime, on any device. what’s more, video and audio feeds can be processed automatically and operations will be improved


Commercial Web Application


among many PaaS platforms , (Salesforce) will prevail when it comes to Commercial Web Application. the reasons are as follows:

Firstly, Salesforce is best known for its various applications that help salespeople track customer relationships and help marketers plan their marketing campaigns, so Salesforce has a profound understanding of purchasing habits of customers.

secondly, Salesforce acquired Demandware for $2.8 billion, That acquisition  further build up Salesforce’s ecommerce strength ,and help Salesforce provide better e-commerce platform service .

Document Store

If a document store is to be deployed ,Google App Engine will be the best choice. The reasons are as follow:

Firstly, GAE provides some very powerful storage methods. there three typical storage methods based on GAE, which are Bigtable, Blobstore and Google Storage for Developers. the three different methods fit different document store needs. And the latter two methods perfectly fit the small engineering company. Blobstore can support file as large as 2GB, and Google Storage almost has no storage limit if you pay for it.

Secondly, file queries are indexed in advance so that it will be very fast to find the target document. What’s more, the contents of document can be displayed directly online with the help of Google Docs, which is a kind of online web office application attached to GAE.





Part two

Advantages and disadvantages of each PaaS platform for developing and deploying applications

Azure: Microsoft Azure Cloud Services & Web Apps

Microsoft’s Windows Azure aims to build a cloud computing operating system.

Traditional operating systems only need to manage resources on several computers, but Windows Azure, as the cloud computing operating system, needs to manage all the resources in data centres that consist of a great number of computers.

Windows Azure provides (Mahendiran et al. 2012) developers with not only managed, scalable, sufficient computing and storage resources, but also control methods over cloud platform management and dynamic allocation of resources.

When building Windows Azure applications, developers can not only use different development language, such as. NET language, Java and PHP, etc., but also use different tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse development tools, which developers are familiar with. therefore it will be relatively smooth for developers to transfer from traditional platform programming to cloud-based programming. however, it will not be easy for application developing beginners to start on this platform, some basic skills and experience are essential.


Google: Google App Engine

The GAE platform has a higher level of abstraction than Windows Azure, so it has more restrictions on application development.

In terms of platform language support, GAE only supports Python at the beginning, and then adds JAVA support and other dynamic language support, which can be run on JVM. However, GAE can only support a subset of these language features because the GAE hosted application is running in a “sandbox”. Another difference is that GAE offers many services integrated with Google SaaS  Web applications, which can increase the stickiness of the GAE PaaS platform and extend the use of its SaaS services.

Compared with Windows Azure from the platform service level, Google’s GAE is closer to the SaaS service, while Microsoft’s Windows Azure is closer to the IaaS layer service, though they are both PaaS platforms.

As a result, GAE supports more web-based applications which would bring much convenience to developers and less programming language support, while Windows Azure supports a broader range of applications, not just web-based applications, and  a broader range of programming language but it may not be user-friendly enough


Salesforce: provides a specialized programming language called Apex, which allows users to develop applications hosted on her platform.

These applications generally provide capabilities that can be integrated into Salesforce business applications to meet customer customization requirements for SaaS services.

In addition, Salesforce has made a number of acquisitions to strengthen her services, and gradually increased support for languages such as Java, node.js, and Python.

Compared with the two PaaS platforms service above, works better in e-commerce web application area, thanks to its excellent understanding of CRM(Customer Relationship Management), while other application areas may not be its strength.




Part three  Conclusion

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services & Web Apps, Google App Engine, ,three typical PaaS platforms have their own perfectly suitable application scenario. Microsoft Azure Cloud Services & Web Apps is best choice for deploying video library. Google App Engine prevails in document store. is a perfect match for Commercial Web Application development and deployment. Among the three platforms, Azure support most kinds of programming language and applications while makes itself least user-friendly for lack of assisting tools. Google App Engine is most user-friendly but supports a narrow range of programming language and applications. is good at commercial application but not quite good at other areas.


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