WRIT1002: WRITING AND RHETORIC – ARGUMENTATION Collaborative Assignment – 20%

Frances Di Lauro
Summer Main 2018
Collaborative Assignment – 20%
Word count: Video Presentation (500w) 10%
Peer Review and Written report (500w)10%
Combined Weighting: 20%
Due date: Video presentation: 11:59pm, 12 February 2018
Peer Review: 11:59pm,13 February 2018
Written Reports: 11:59pm, 13 February 2018
This is a two-part assessment but you are required to complete three elements: a video
presentation, peer-reviews of three other videos, and a written report.
Purpose: Because presentations and peer review are important activities in both
academic and professional settings, we have developed a fun and interactive
presentation and analysis task. This assessment task helps you to develop graduate
qualities listed in the University’s “Learning and teaching Policy, 2015”
In developing your understanding of how rhetoric is used in certain discourse
communities, how to think creatively and imaginatively to produce effective texts
according to specific guidelines, and to participate effectively in peer review tasks, you
are developing a range of graduate qualities, including but not limited to, depth of
disciplinary expertise, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, information
and digital literacy, inventiveness, and cultural competence.
Instructions: For this task, you will be required to view (via YouTube) an episode of
“The Gruen Transfer’s segment, The Pitch.” The Gruen Transfer is an ABC television
show, and in The Pitch segment, competing advertising teams formulate arguments on
preposterous topics and compete with each other to develop the best “pitch.”
Observing each advertising team’s tactics and methods is a great way to see the
principles of argumentation and persuasion in action—and to think about the
arguments we are confronted with on a daily basis, in real life.
You will produce a short video presentation of your analysis. As you analyse the
arguments of each team, you should think about:
• Tone
• Format (How are voice, visuals, and text used to achieve the desired
result? What is the desired result?)
• Target audience (Who will be most persuaded by the arguments?)
• How do the teams use irony and preconceived notions to advance
Frances Di Lauro
Summer Main 2018
their arguments?
• What types of logical fallacies are exposed in the arguments
• How are visual arguments used, and what impact do these have?
• Would the arguments of each team be as effective if presented in
essay format? Why or why not?
• What types of editing do you think the teams employed?
• Would the arguments have been as strong if they were 30-minutes
• How do the teams use logos, pathos, and ethos?
• Who would be most convinced by the arguments presented? The
least convinced?
• What are the cultural implications in the arguments—i.e., do the arguments
make sense outside an Australian context? Why or why not?
You should cover at least 5 of the above points in a video presentation of around 5
minutes duration.
Video Presentation: You must determine which advertising team was more successful
and why, using what you have learned about argumentation in this course. You will
formulate a verbal argument to share with the class and a written argument to hand in
to the instructor.
Peer Review: Each student is expected to watch, review and give valuable peer
feedback to the work of at least 3 other students. This is an compulsory requirement
that contributes to the 10% weighting of the Written Report.
Written Report: Each student completes and submits a 500 word report (for a mark
out of 10) which is to be saved as a .doc or .docx file. It must include your name and
SID, and must be submitted via the “Individual Submissions” Turnitin dropbox on
Your report must comprise the following elements:
1. Your name and SID.
2. A brief description of the Gruen Transfer episode you analysed —who were the
competing teams and what were they pitching? (about 100 words and these DO
NOT form part of the total word count).
3. A clear explanation of which Pitch team was more successful in their argument and
why, using the criteria on the previous page as a guide.
4. A final, summative statement should be included, indicating how you approached
the activity, whether you needed to conduct any research to complete it and how
you experienced this assignment.
Frances Di Lauro
Summer Main 2018
5. You must submit in the “Video Presentation Report” Turnitin dropbox on Canvas.
Assessment Criteria:
The written component will be assessed according to the following criteria:
• The accuracy and thoroughness of the analysis (using criteria on page 1)
• The strength of your argument on which team was more successful. We will
be looking for evidence that you have carefully considered and applied what
you have learned about argumentation through class activities, readings,
discussion board participation, and reflection.
• Peer review of at least 3 other students’ videos, commenting on the aspects
listed in the instructions.
• The quality of the written document itself. As with any piece of writing,
the report should be well-organized, well-written, and free of grammatical,
spelling, and stylistic errors. Any sources (including the Gruen Transfer
programs as primary texts) should be documented correctly using the
conventions of APA, MLA or Chicago.

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