Assessing the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the Peer to Peer

Assessing the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the
(P2P) lending industry, An economic perspective. is newly created fintech company looking to expand its operations. To aid its expansion
it is seeking a suitably qualified organisation to provide an economic appraisal of the industry. In
particular it is seeking information regarding:
● The current and potential size of the P2P sector in Australia.
● Evidence of segmentation
● Degree of Market competition by segment.
● Current major operators in the industry.
● Industry trends in Australia as well as overseas (especially US, UK as well at least one
Asian country).
● The extent that macroeconomic conditions might influence economic activity in this
● Given that P2P is an emerging phenomenon, how might it be influenced by traditional
lenders such as Banks.
● The major risks (economic, social as well as regulatory)
Your Task
By the end of week 12, you will need to have submitted your final report. Note, the report must
not exceed 5000 words (including executive summary).
● Begin by summarising the main points from each topic.
● Be sure that you have clearly demonstrated each of these main points.
● Ensure your quote/report has a professional look.
● Consider using IBIS world reports.
● Search key terms on Google as well as Google Scholar.

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