your personal goals, identify and discuss two or three personal learning goals for the semester

Once you have identified your goals you should identify your planned approach to achieving those goals making detailed statements about the resources you will use and the practice you will do during the semester to help you achieve those goals.

Entry One:


By learning this course, I have a few goals for myself:

  • First, I want to gain knowledge of how to manage a software project effectively, so we can deliver the project successfully.
  • Second, I want to know the pros and cons of both agile approach and traditional approach, because I’ve heard a lot about agile project development, but I know nothing about it.
  • Third, I want to learn how to motivate a project team, because a motivated project team is more effective.
  • Last, I need the knowledge of how to guarantee the quality of the project, and control budget and risk.


Entry2-9 Requirements:

Summary: What was the topic about?

  • What approaches and/or theories were discussed?
  • What case studies and examples were used?
  • How did these demonstrate the ideas and/or theories discussed?
  • Analysis: What assumptions are being made?
  • Are there alternative views and ideas?
  • What are the pros and cons of the ideas presented?
  • Connections: How is the topic related to other topics?
  • Are there any common themes emerging across topics?
  • How does the topic relate to what you have learned in other courses?
  • How does the topic relate to any work or other experience you may have had?
  • How does this topic connect with your learning goals?


Entry Two:

In this week, we discussed agile approach, how context and projects scope are captured in agile project, and how to use user story map to address project scope, and how to address software requirements using user stories.



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