The Culture of Cities Summer 2016 (SU session) Skills Assignment 1

AP/SOSC 1732 9.0
The Culture of Cities
Summer 2016 (SU session)
Skills Assignment 1
(worth 15% of your final grade in the course)
Due May 30, 2016 (11:00 PM EDT)
AP/SOSC 1732 is a first year General Education course. As such, a portion of the course
has been designed to teach you important university skills in addition to the course content.
In this assignment you will about successful university skills, Academic Integrity and the
consequences for not following the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty.
The Tasks
Read/view the following web resources making sure to take notes on the materials
“Learning Commons” Videos: view these two videos.
• University Life (4:45 minutes)

• Learning Skills (5:51 minutes)

Readings: read these two webpages.
• What Makes a Successful Online Student?
• Four Steps to Effective Email Management
(see file on the course Moodle site)
Online Questionnaire Surveys: complete these two questionnaire surveys.
• Learning Style (read what it says about your learning style)
• Personality Type (read what it says about your personality type)
York University Academic Integrity Tutorial.
Read this tutorial, take notes and complete the associated quiz.
Academic Integrity Tutorial:
Academic Integrity Quiz:
• Read the entire tutorial before attempting the quiz.
• You can take the quiz for a practice run without logging in. After you have clicked
“Submit” and have received your score, if you did not score 100%, click on the “check
answers” button. This will open a new window that will show you which questions you
AP/SOSC 1732 Skills Assignment 1
got wrong. You will need to reread the tutorial and/or keep trying the quiz over again to
determine the correct answer to all of the questions.
• When you are finally ready and wish to take the quiz that you will submit to your
Teaching Assistant, you will need to login using your Passport York account so that
your username and full name appear on the score results.
• Once logged in, take the quiz. If you receive 100% on the quiz, you need to save the
webpage reporting your results. You can take a screenshot, save the page as an html
page, save as a PDF document (preferred) or print out the page. You need to include
this page with your score results in your final submission for this assignment.
Note: Some of you may have completed this quiz for another courses at York already.
None-the-less, you must complete it again to submit your results for this assignment.
Once you have completed these tasks, there are three pieces of work that you need to
1. Online Quiz (worth 25 marks):
Once you have completed all of the tasks above, you can take the Skills 1 Quiz. The
quiz is comprised of 25 multiple-choice questions based on the two “Learning
Commons” videos and the two webpages that you are asked to read.
NOTE 1: You can take the quiz only once so be sure that you are prepared to
complete the quiz in its entirety before you begin.
NOTE 2: You have 30 minutes to complete the quiz so be sure to keep an eye on
the time as you complete the quiz.
NOTE 3: This portion of the assignment MUST be completed by the due date and
time. There are NO extensions on this part of the assignment and NO
make-up quizzes.
To complete the online quiz, go to the course Moodle site. At the top of the Moodle
site, there are various links to course information. Scan down to ––
Assignments | Skills Assignments | Skills Assignment 1 | Skills 1 Quiz
Click on this link.
AP/SOSC 1732 Skills Assignment 1
Here you will be presented with 25 multiple-choice questions. Select the
most correct answer for each question. There is a time limit of 30 minutes for
completing this online quiz, so do not start the quiz until you are ready to complete it
in its entirety. If you go over time, the quiz will be blocked and you will not be able to
proceed. Remember too that you can access the quiz only once. You must complete this
portion of the assignment by the due date.
When you have completed the quiz, click on the “next” button at the bottom of the
page. A new window will open that lists all of the questions and the answers that you
have chosen. Scan this list. It is a good double-check to ensure that you have
completed all of the questions. When you are satisfied that you have answered all
the questions to the best of your ability, click on the “submit all and finish” button at
the bottom of the page. Only after you have clicked on this button will your answers be
2. Academic Integrity Quiz (worth 5 marks):
You will need to submit a copy of your Academic Integrity Quiz Score Results (100%) with
your user name, full name and current date completed. You will hand in this portion of the
assignment with the short essay submission (see below).
3. Written Component (worth 70 marks):
You have now read and learned about York University’s policies with regard to Academic
Honesty. There are severe sanctions/penalties for breaking these rules –– everything from a
warning to being asked to leave the university. Ignorance of these rules is not a defense. So
it is essential that you understand these rules clearly.
Read the following seven scenarios and evaluate these cases on the basis of what you have
learned about Academic Integrity. For each scenario, address the following:
1. Is this a case of a violation of academic integrity?
2. If “no” why is this case not a violation of academic integrity?
3. If “yes”, what rule has been violated here (why/how)?
4. If “yes”, have all of the students involved (if there is more than one student in the
scenario) committed a violation of academic integrity? Which student(s) have and
have not violated the rules of academic integrity?
5. In all cases, what sanctions/warnings might the student or students receive?
Your written submission DOES NOT have to be written in proper essay form but it must be
written in proper sentences (i.e., NOT in point form). Your answers will be in report form with
heading for each scenario (e.g., Scenario 1; Scenario 2; etc.). You must use (and properly
reference) the websites listed above to support your position. Your discussion of each
scenario should be a minimum of 100 words in length (a total of a minimum of 700 words for
the written portion of this assignment – there is no maximum).
AP/SOSC 1732 Skills Assignment 1
Scenario 1
Two students worked out their essays together sentence by sentence, constructing the
papers so that each sentence says the same thing and in the same basic order
throughout the essay with the same ideas and references. Then they each write up their
essays using this detailed sentence-by-sentence outline. They write the essay in their
own words but the sentence-by-sentence structure, examples, references and ideas are
the same.
Scenario 2
One student writes their essay on their own. Their friend asks if they can see their essay
to see what they did. The student complies and lends the friend their essay. What they
do not know is that their friend takes and copies their essay and then changes a few
words and sentences around and hands in the essay as their own.
Scenario 3
Student 1 is getting ready to write a final examination but has not had time to study. They
had several exams in just a few days and a number of final papers to complete the week
before. To top it off, they are suffering from a bad cold. Their friend (Student 2) feels
sorry for them knowing that they are ill and very stressed and that they really know the
topic very well. So, Student 2 decides to help Student 1 out. Throughout the
examination, Student 1 asks to go to the washroom where they text message Student 2
for answers to examination questions. Student 2 looks through Student 1’s course notes
and texts back the answers.
Scenario 4
A student is assigned an essay topic this year in a course on the Industrial Revolution. It
just so happens that the student wrote an exceptional paper on the Industrial Revolution
in another course the year before. A few small elements of this year’s essay assignment
are different so the student adds these parts to last year’s essay to comply with the new
instructions. The student then hands in last year’s essay with the additional sections.
Scenario 5
A student gets back their test and notices that they got one of the multiple choice
questions on the test wrong dropping their average from an A to a B+ on the test. They
cannot believe their mistake. They knew the correct answer but mistakenly circled the
wrong answer. Luckily the test was written in pencil so the student could change their
mistake. They then take the test to their professor to be reevaluated and the additional
point be credited to them for the test.
Scenario 6
Student 1 does very well in a mathematics course and recommends it to their friend
(Student 2). Student 2 enrolls in the course the next year. Student 1 gives Student 2 their
textbook, notes, tests and assignments from the previous year. As luck would have it,
one of the assignments that Student 2 is given is the same as an assignment that
Student 1 got a very good mark on the year before except that a few of the numbers
have been changed. Student 2 takes the assignment of Student 1 and changes the
AP/SOSC 1732 Skills Assignment 1
numbers and hands the assignment in as their own.
Scenario 7
Student 1 and Student 2 are friends but are very competitive with one another. They are
always playing practical jokes on one another and arguing about who is the smartest.
During a tutorial where the students are working independently on a problem given to
them by their Teaching Assistant, Student 1 takes a washroom break. Student 2 takes
this as an opportunity to play a joke on their friend. Student 2 alters some of the data in
Student 1’s problem. Student 1 does not notice and hands in their work with the wrong
answer as a result.
Submitting Your Work
First, you must submit your assignment to Turnitin (a link will be available on the course
Moodle website, upper right-hand side). Your “similarity” value should be less than 10%.
A word of caution here. Often there is a delay in receiving your report from Turnitin ––
sometimes in the range of 24 hours. If you submit your discussion assignment at the last
minute, you may not have your report back before the due date/time to determine if your
“similarity” value is in the appropriate range. If this is the case, ALWAYS hand in your
assignment by the due date/time so you do not receive a late penalty regardless if you have
a report back from Turnitin or not.
Secondly, to hand your report and quiz results for this assignment, send a personal email
message to your Teaching Assistant with the following two attachments: 1) your results from
the Academic Integrity Quiz; and 2) a word processor document with your report on the nine
scenarios above.
Use the following format and sender information to submit your work to your Teaching
• send your email message to your Teaching Assistant’s personal email address (see
• send a Cc. copy to yourself
• in the subject line of the email message should be the following –– the course number:
skills assignment number: your last name and first initial (e.g., 1732: Skills Assignment
1: DoeJ)
• send your Academic Integrity Quiz labeled with your last name, first initial and the
number 1 to distinguish this document from your report document (e.g., DoeJ1.doc)
• send your written report as an email attachment (word processed document) labeled
with your last name, first initial and the number 2 to distinguish this document from your
Academic Integrity Quiz document (e.g., DoeJ2.doc)
• at the top of your written report should be the following: Skills Assignment number; your
full name; your student number
AP/SOSC 1732 Skills Assignment 1
NOTE 1: If you fail to follow the instructions listed above for handing in your assignment,
a penalty of 10% will be assessed to the grade (out of 100%) that you received
for the assignment.
NOTE 2: Late assignments will not be accepted after June 13.
NOTE 3: Late penalties will be applied –– 5% for the first day and 1% for each day
thereafter including weekends and the day that the assignment is handed
Teaching Assistant Contact Information
Lewis Code ––
Patty Orr ––
Oliver Rendace ––

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