ENG 5811 Critical and System Thinking/Critical thinking Essay

ENG 5811 Critical and System Thinking/Critical thinking Essay
Wèì邑htìog: 00 campus 35 %
On lioc 30 %
L阳自由1 ,500 words (+1- 10%)
Due dale and submlsslon:
。iti日1 Analysis Es姐V
Week8,刊u rsday 21 S叩tember 2017 by 11.59 pm vìa Turnit in. Late penalties apply
Please attach a 1S0word abstract to the firsl page 01 your essay. Abstract and reference nSI are in
addition to.the l ,500word Ilmit
Task descrlplion Y酬J are expecl.d 10 prepare a wri tt制re叩。内提10 Ihe essay lask below. The essay
is designed 10 improve you critical thinking and r田earch skills. As this is a major píece of written
a.ssessment and y∞ 3re expected to rind yourown sourc时, you should Slarl y。ωr research early and
devote s唱nlficant eff。l 同 to submitting a quallty pie囚。fw田k. y缸. J shoukl start your prellminary
research lor the essay now in week 4. The essay requires solid research and reading and It shoold
not be based on the requìred and recommended readings or the lecture materlal a l one,延尘坐坐!
research is needed
I t 函expected thal you wìll use a mìnimum 01 eìghl (8) academìc SOUfC.S 怡品iωrna l article乱回M
books or book chapters). You must al50 use Harvard referencine. stvle.
Y曲JSt回u ld present your essay with 剖Inlroducti or飞a carelully considered logical a rgurr回ntJ a clear
cr祉ical posilìon and an appropriate concluslon. Pleas. do not u坦any sub.headìngs in your . ssay as
Ihey interrupt Ihe flow 01 argumenl
E目。y losk:
Orowing 00 theo巾。nd evidence. crflicolly onoly扭曲eslotement 阶01 the ρ ercelν’ed co”ses 0/
ρroíect / oilure will 110叩dependir哩。n rhe woy the follure ís ossessed ond discvss rhe fmp/icorions in
relotFon l’o projecr manogement practice
What do you need to do:
τhe.悍的is predominantly a presentatìon, CI臼si(ication and evaluation of what 。由肘researchers
hav. written on t h. subject and Ihe sìgnificance for prof.臼呻nal practlce. You must do more than
describe! (nst.ad you should:
• compare ð r回contrast d ìff.r由、t authors” views
• group authors to draw similar condusions
• cr itique aspectsof n、e thodology
• id e时ify areas in which autho<s are in disagreement
• highlight gaps ìn r.search
• syn由esise findings and draw ∞nclusions
• construc-t a continuous line of argun、自叹
• take a crÎtÌGal position
• use Harvard refe陀ncing style
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