M115LON Strategic Management Assignment Brief

M115LON Assessment


[NOTE: It is important that you read and re-read this document throughout this term of study]


The purpose of assessment (assignments, examinations, debates, reports and other methods) is to assess your level of knowledge and understanding of a particular subject area. Additionally, it assess, amongst others things, your cognitive skill sets. Read More

Summative Project (Part 2): Teacher Inquiry 2018—EDUF 2007


Summative Project (Part 2): Teacher Inquiry 2018—EDUF 2007

A crucial component of meaningfully understanding and addressing educational problems is our ability to critically examine research. The process of reviewing literature allows us to think through what research has been done in a field so far, and what might be missing. Equally, it can help us recognise the predominant ways that research problems are framed and how these frames might have limitations. Overall, literature reviews demonstrate to the reader that you have a breadth and depth of understanding and critical engagement with your chosen area of inquiry. Read More

MN5333 30% Assignment

Read the two articles provided and answer both questions separately in maximum 2000 words (excluding references).

Q1. What are the key challenges Apple is facing, both in terms of the macro-environment and industry competition? (40%)

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Hints and tips for assessment one – 401013

Hints and tips for assessment one – 401013


  • Read the case study several times before doing anything else – ensure you have a good understanding of the client’s history, possible contributory factors, family situation, employment, current presentation, actual and potential risks to self, family and others.
  • Carefully consider the search terms and keywords in your literature search.
  • Use journal search engines such as: Scopus, ProQuest or Google Scholar. With key words / terms such as: mental state examination; low mood; depression in males; post-partum depression for males; mood and new fathers; depression and medical staff; anxiety in males; depression or anxiety among Chinese migrants; Stress Vulnerability Model; mental health recovery.
  • Try to have most of your references from research papers or policy papers.
  • Websites such as: Department of Health; Mental Health Commission; Reach Out; Beyond Blue; Black Dog can be helpful as long as properly referenced in your work.
  • There is no need for an essay introduction nor conclusion in your work for assessment one.
  • You are required to use an academic writing style throughout your work using literature to support you.
  • Please number each of your answers, 1,2,3, so the marker is clear which of your answers relates to which question.
  • Each question is marked out of 10 and each answer should be 500 words. Avoid using 600 words for one answer and 400 words for another question, as this will reduce your opportunity for higher marks.
  • Make sure each question relates back to the client in the case study and incorporates literature.
  • Your work should extend more than description or discussion but should move towards critical analysis. One way to do this is to compare and contrast the ideas in the literature. For example: what are the similarities and differences from different pieces of research or noted in policy.
  • It’s fine to use a few sub-titles if that helps you to structure your work.
  • You should have one reference list which includes all the references from the 3 questions.
  • An APA reference list must be included with your work. Your work should include at least 10 different pieces of literature, no more than 5 years old unless it is seminal work.
  • Ensure you avoid cutting and pasting text. This will result in review under the Misconduct policy. It can also reduce your overall mark of your work.

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BUS320 ASSESSMENT TASK3 | Banking royal commission

Banking royal commission


Visit the page above and select one of the ASX listed companies being investigated by the Banking Royal Commission (for example AMP, BankWest, Suncorp for example, any but the Commonwealth Bank) and develop an ethical question based on an issue of your choice (for example: how people have been charged bank fees for an extended period of time after their passing, or how some funeral insurers have been operating and charging people),  after that you need to analyse the topic/company using the structure/ Marking Criteria provided in this document, as a summary see the three points below: Read More