UNSW ENGG 1811 Midterm exam 辅导班

ENGG 1811 Mindterm exam辅导班报名开始了。

同学们忙碌了几周,相信已经对1811python课有了一定的认识了,然而Midterm Exam将在下周开始了,根据以往的经验,这个时候一定的基础强化辅导是有必要的。







UNSW– Computer Systems Fundamentals COMP1521 18s2 辅导班开班啦~~

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your personal goals, identify and discuss two or three personal learning goals for the semester

Once you have identified your goals you should identify your planned approach to achieving those goals making detailed statements about the resources you will use and the practice you will do during the semester to help you achieve those goals.

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The Culture of Cities Summer 2016 (SU session) Skills Assignment 1

AP/SOSC 1732 9.0
The Culture of Cities
Summer 2016 (SU session)
Skills Assignment 1
(worth 15% of your final grade in the course)
Due May 30, 2016 (11:00 PM EDT)
AP/SOSC 1732 is a first year General Education course. As such, a portion of the course
has been designed to teach you important university skills in addition to the course content.
In this assignment you will about successful university skills, Academic Integrity and the
consequences for not following the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty. Read More


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