UNSW 1811 Engneering Programme- python Questions &Answers

The pattern detection problem

In this assignment, your goal is to write a python program to determine whether a given pattern appears in a data series, and if so, where it is located in the data series. This type of problems is very common in many disciplines, including computer science, engineering, medicine and science. There are many different types of pattern detection problems, the setting of this assignment is similar to that used in radars.  A radar transmits a pulse of a specific shape and waits for a pulse of similar shape to return, in order to determine the position of an object. The method described below is known as matched filtering and is widely used in communication systems. This means your mobile phones perform the same type of calculations that you will be programming below!

Learning objectives

By completing this assignment, you will learn:

  1. To apply programming concepts of variable declaration, constant declaration, assignment, selection and iteration (for loop).
  2. To translate an algorithm described in a natural language to a computer language.
  3. To organize programs into smaller modules by using functions.
  4. To use good program style including comments, meaning variable names and others.
  5. To get a practice on software development, which includes incremental development, testing and debugging.