Business Report/ Essay Project

MGT2HRM Group Report — Group Report Topic

Your group has been hired as a team of consultants to provide some theoretically sound and practical advice to the Chief Executive Officer of Bruno Smallgoods. Founded in 1920, the Bruno family of farmers and butchers had a dream to provide the Australian public with the finest quality meat, cured using traditional Italian recipes. In 2017, the Brunos are a major supplier of smallgoods to the Australian market. The product range spans across traditional Italian salami, ham, bacon and smallgoods. The family-owned company has state-of-the-art facilities located in Bundoora, Victoria and employs over 250 workers. The company has a very flat organisational structure – the CEO reports to a Board of Directors (made up of members of the Bruno family). Each department has a manager, with the production department having supervisors who directly manage the production line workers.