Month: July 2020

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ENGG1811 Lab 09: File handling, numpy

If you need help please chat with us by the chat box. ENGG1811 Lab 09: File handling, numpy Please watch the lecture Week 08B (Video): File Handling. You can find the lecture notes and exercises under “Week 08B”, see Lectures. Objectives After completing this lab, students should be able to: Read files and extract data from them…
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ENGG1811 Assignment 2: Simulation and Design of Passive Suspensions

This assignment gives you an opportunity to work on a small-scale engineering design problem in python. The engineering system that you will be working on is a passive suspension, which is used in vehicles to reduce the amount of vertical vibration. A passive suspension is made of multiple components and the parameter of each component must be chosen correctly so that the passengers get a comfortable ride. The engineering design problem is to choose the right parameters and you will use python programming to solve this problem. The first step is to write a program to simulate the motion of a vehicle with suspension. You will then use the simulation result to evaluate the level of comfort for different choices of suspension parameters.

ENGG1811 Assignment 1: Pattern detection

ENGG1811 Assignment 1: Pattern detection Due date: 5pm, Wednesday of Week-07 . Late Penalty: Late submissions will be penalised at the rate of 10% per day (including weekends). The penalty applies to the maximum available mark. For example, if you submit 2 days late, maximum available marks is 80% of the assignment marks. Submissions will not be accepted after 9am Monday…
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