Assessment 1: HRM Skills Portfolio


Assessment 1: HRM Skills Portfolio

Due Date:  Monday 10 December 2018 by 5pm

Allocated Marks:  20%

Word count:  1000 words (+/- 10%, not including references or reference list)

This is an individual assessment task.

The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) is the national association representing human resource and people management professionals. AHRI has over 20,000 members throughout the world and provides education and training services in HR and people management and business skills. AHRI organises world-class conferences which bring HR practitioners together and holds seminars and networking opportunities all over Australia. AHRI also sets standards through accreditation of HR qualifications at universities across Australia (including LaTrobe’s HR degree), conducts research into people management practices, and assists governments in the development of policy and legislation that affects people at work.

AHRI promotes a ‘Model of Excellence’, which explains the capabilities and behaviours of an ‘excellent HR manager’. This model provides a conceptual basis for the accreditation of HR practitioners and training offered by AHRI and universities. The model identifies 7 capabilities that are essential for HR practitioners (see
These 7 capabilities are being:

  • Business driven;
  • A strategic architect;
  • An expert practitioner;
  • An ethical and credible activist;
  • A workforce and workplace designer;
  • A cultural and change leader; and
  • A stakeholder mentor and coach.

For this assignment, you are to select three (3) of these capabilities and address the following (in your own words, with referencing as required):

  • What does this capability entail?
  • Why would it be important for a Human Resource Manager to have this capability?  Draw on appropriate frameworks to support your arguments.
  • Assume you are applying for a graduate HR position, and demonstrating this capability is one of the key selection criteria. What evidence could you offer to demonstrate that you possess this capability? Draw upon your own experiences, whether it be your work, university life, home life, volunteering or sporting experiences.

Important: Please refer to the detailed outline of this assessment in the Subject Learning Guide to ensure that you are clear of all the requirements for this assignment.

For further information on the AHRI Model of Excellence, see:

AHRI Model of Excellence

Human Resource Competency Study

Ulrich, D., Brockbank, W., Yeung, A. K. and Lake, D. G. (1995), Human resource competencies: An empirical assessment. Human Resource Management, 34: 473–495. doi:10.1002/hrm.3930340402

Submission instructions

The assignment is to be submitted in one document via the Assignment submission link in the LMS.  The assignment will be entered into Turnitin automatically when submitted.



Please discuss each capability separately, under its own subheading. All reference material must be appropriately cited in the text of your assignment. Include a separate reference section that includes the full citation information. Follow the style guidelines for the Academy of Management Journal. Note that Wikipedia and similar websites are NOT acceptable sources for this assignment. Your Report must be typed and have standard margins on all sides. Double-spacing is preferred.

Please remember that the University takes a very serious view with regard to plagiarism, and you are strongly advised to read the University’s policies on academic integrity at the following website: Please be aware that plagiarism is a form of serious academic misconduct and will be penalised accordingly. Plagiarism detection and prevention software (i.e.,Turnitin) is used to aid in identifying possible incidences of plagiarism in written assignments (see

Assignments are due by 5pm on the due date. Extensions will only be given in documented cases of severe illness or emergency, and will be managed through the University Special Consideration process. Such applications must be accompanied by documentation (i.e., doctor’s certificate) and be submitted prior to the due date. Please refer to the Subject Learning Guide, or contact your Tutor or the Subject Coordinator if you require further information.


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