Course / Programme: BSc Business Management Module Code and Title: BAM6002 Strategic Management


Course / Programme: BSc Business Management
Module Code and Title: BAM6002 Strategic Management
Assignment Number: 1
Assignment Type: Essay (50%)
Assignment Title: Strategic Management
Assignment length: 2500 Words
Submission deadline:
Learning Outcome:
Synthesise the characteristics of strategic decisions and be able to evaluate
the effectiveness strategies in practice.
LO2: Demonstrate appropriate academic writing style and referencing technique.
Assignment brief:
Provide a critical examination of the models and tools organisations can use to analyse
their internal and external environment. Using a relevant model/tool, analyse the
internal or external environment for a real organisation of your choice.
You should address the following issues:
1. An introduction including a definition of strategic management.
( 5 marks)
2. A critical assessment of the process used by organisations to determine
their strategy.
(25 marks)
3. An evaluation of the critical models and tools used by organisations to
determine their strategy.
(30 marks)
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4. An application of these tool to a real organisation of your choice.
(30 marks)
5. Write in a grammatically correct style and provide in text referencing
throughout, including quotes, referenced according to the Harvard
Referencing System. Provide a correctly formatted Reference List.
(10 marks)
Secondary Research Level HE6 – It is expected that the Reference List will contain
between fifteen to twenty sources. As a MINIMUM the Reference List should
include three refereed academic journals and five academic books.
Assessment Preparation and Submission (see section 11 of the module guide for
Guidelines on the Preparation and Submission of Assignments)
Additional Submission Instructions:
You are only required to submit a soft copy (essay only) via “Turn-it-in UK” on the
module moodle page. A soft/electronic copy of the presentation will be collected on
the day of the presentation.
Assessment Criteria (see section 10 of the module guide for General Assessment
Specific Assessment Criteria
First class: The essay will be to a high standard and will reflect the effective
application of extensive reading. They will address the specific issues outlined in the
assignment brief about entrepreneurship theory and process. The essay will contain
minimal errors in spelling and grammar and will be accessible to readers from a
range of cultural and social backgrounds.
Second class: The essay will cover the salient points. The presentation will be clear
and informative. The essay is well written and presented in a structured and readable
Third class: A reasonable attempt will be made to prepare and deliver the essay but
will be under-developed and will not reflect effective teamwork.
Fail: Students who do not meet the requirements of a third class grade will not
successfully complete the assessment activity.
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