MNGT395 Research Report (All Majors)


MNGT395 Research Report (All Majors)
The purpose is to:
Report and reflect on your learning experiences during this industry experience course, and have you think about the boundary between academic courses and organisation requirements. The report will include an Executive summary, two separate research topics each with their own introduction and an overall conclusion that covers both research topics.
Format of report
● 12 point font
● 1.5 line spacing
● Normal margins all around
● Page numbers.
● Up to 4000 words (+/- 10% word count rules apply).
Executive summary (500 words)
This is a one-page overview and should hit the highlights. If someone only read that they should have a fairly good overview of what the report entails. As part of your executive summary you should include:
● Company name, size location and the industry it operates in (including geographical scope)
● Core business operations whether that is outputs, services, product groups, or something different.
● What your research topics were and how they related to the organisation
● Overview of findings and any limitations you found.
Research topics (1500 words for each topic)
You should have a clear introduction to your topic; state the research topic and how it relates to the company as well as signpost where you are going in your report.
The body of your topic should cover what you hoped to find and then provide a discussion on your research topic. This should show clear learnings and use correct academic (APA) referencing throughout.
You should include application to the company or industry as well as limitations discovered in your research.
Conclusion (500 words)
A conclusion that sums up both the topics and experiences of student in the organisation highlighting the biggest learnings you found.

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