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Programme Title MA MMEHT, MSc EM
Module Title Strategic Brand Management
Module Code 296
Level 7
Weighting 60%
Lecturers J. Perry
W/C Hand Out Date 01/02/2019
Due Date By 19:00 on 05/04/2019
Feedback Post Date 07/05/2019
Assignment Format Coursework
Assignment Word Count 3000
Presentation Duration Click here to enter text.
Module Learning Outcomes covered in this assignment 1.         Critically evaluate the role & impact of internal and external stakeholders when building and developing service brands.


2.         Explore how brand equity can be effectively managed in the context of a service.


Submission Format (include ATS key for hard copy submission e-Submission Individual
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Assignment Task

Given the fact that strategic brand management may now be at the heart of most successful organisations consider how stakeholder groups (internal/external), influence customer value and customer equity.

You are required to write a report (3000 words maximum) which consists of two aspects as shown below:


Critically evaluate the extent to which stakeholders, BOTH internal and external, can impact and influence a firm’s brand equity. Your response should include a variety of relevant industry examples to underpin your discussions. You may wish to highlight both positive and negative influences on brand equity.

In addition and choosing a service brand of your choice, analyse the brand and identify sources of brand equity and illustrate how these elements are managed to contribute to the brand’s success.

In addition you are required to consider the following guidance points which are there to help you structure an effective piece of work. Guidance on essay and report writing is available under ‘Academic Matters’ in your Student Handbook. In addition note the presentation standards specified in the Student Handbook concerning margins, font and layout.



  • Clearly demonstrate evidence of wider reading
  • Consider key stakeholder groups (internal/external) and their influence when creating customer value and customer equity.
  • Consider how stakeholders may impact brand associations and personality.
  • Consider brand equity elements related to a chosen service brand and how they contribute to its success.
  • Integrate appropriate theory to underpin your discussions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply concepts to relevant service industry examples.




Task Guidance


For guidance on this assignment, please access the assignment vodcast available through Canvas.




General Assignment Guidance

TEAMWORK AND ITS ASSESSMENT Should this assignment require you to work as part of a team, you will receive an individual grade based upon your performance as well as personalised feedback. The module leader will explain how your individual grade and feedback will be determined.
Importance of Word Counts and Presentation Timings Assignment word counts and presentation timings should always be observed. Ignoring a word count increases significantly the risk of your work losing marks because it lacked structure, flow, focus and clarity. Timings must be observed for assessed presentations for the same reasons.


Cut-off date for late work


Grading criteria




Extenuating Circumstances


UCB Referencing Guide


General Academic Guidance





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